SKUSA rustling the bushes a bit.....

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SKUSA rustling the bushes a bit.....

Post by Brad Johnson » Wed Dec 02, 2009 12:30 pm

I just found this stuff on ekartingnews fellas. I think it affects all of us stock drivers, maybe not. Something else for Rick, or whoever becomes '10 tech guy, to keep an eye on. ... a0306525bf

Also, not sure how the club will adapt the new classes or if it will but here is the new structure info. Might apply to STWC or SWRC also:

"The beginning of the new year will also bring an evolution of the organization’s class structure, as well as the debut of a licensing program that will help manage the access that new drivers will have to the faster categories. The adjustments to the class structure are minimal, and are all designed to better present the Stock Moto classes into a graduated ladder system.

2010 ProKart Challenge Class Structure
Class Description Age Requirement Weight License
S1 Expert Stock Moto 15 years of age and older 375 lbs. A
S2 Amateur Stock Moto 15 years of age and older 395 lbs. B
S3 Novice Stock Moto 15 years of age and older 395 lbs. C
S4 Masters Stock Moto 30 years of age and older 405 lbs. B
S5 Junior Stock Moto 12-15 years of age 340 lbs. D
G1 Masters ICC/Built Moto 30 years of age and older 405 lbs. B
TaG Senior Touch-and-Go Senior 15 years of age and older see below B
TaG Master Touch-and-Go Master 30 years of age and older see below B
TaG Junior Touch-and-Go Junior 12-15 years of age 320 lbs. D

TaG Engines:
Class A (Senior 375 lbs, Master 415) -- Rok TT & Sonik TX 125
Class B (Senior 365 lbs, Master 405 lbs) – Motori 7 & Rotax
Class C (Senior 355 lbs, Master 395 lbs) – Leopard & PRD Fireball 2008

At this time, a total of three local options classes will be included in the ProKart Challenge programs. In the South, the PKC will include both the KF2 and S4 Magnum classes should sufficient interest be displayed. Drivers wishing to contest these classes are asked to contact ProKart Challenge headquarters to confirm their intent to be part of the program this year. In the PKC North series, the HPV2 Junior drivers will again be invited to be part of the series. As with the local option classes for the PKC South series, interested HPV 2 families are asked to contact Patti Kutscher to confirm their intent to support the series with their participation.

The opening round of the ProKart Challenge South may still be 60 days away, but during the next two months, the new SKUSA Licensing Program will be put into motion. The initial application of the licensing program will be simple and will require no effort by a vast majority of the membership. All existing PKC drivers will be given their respective licenses, with Senior class competitors receiving a ‘B’ license and Junior drivers obtaining a ‘D’ license. Using these levels as a base, competitors interested in running in a higher category will need to apply for a license upgrade through the SKUSA head office. This application will focus on past performance and conduct and will be applicable only to drivers wishing to run S1.

The following description is designed to provide a basic overview of the SKUSA Licensing Program ahead of the release of a full program description, so that racers will know if they need to apply for a license upgrade. There are four license levels: A, B, C and D. The ‘D’ license is reserved for all Junior competitors in the ProKart Challenge program, while Novice Senior drivers, those will little or no experience, will start out with a ‘C’ license and will be eligible to run in S3, TaG Senior and TaG Masters only. Senior drivers with a minimum of two years of experience will be given a ‘B’ license, which will allow them to run in any senior class other than S1, which requires an ‘A’ license.

The primary focus of attention will be on qualifying drivers for the S1 category for 2010, which will be restricted to Expert Stock Moto drivers. S1 and S2 are the evolution of the past S3 class, and any existing drivers must apply for their ‘A’ license to be accepted into the new S1 class. All current S3 competitors will be automatically eligible for S2. Any drivers who are new to the ProKart Challenge and/or SKUSA program will need to apply for either the B or A license if they wish to compete in S2 or S1, respectively.

For drivers whose SKUSA memberships are current through past the opening PKC rounds, your appropriate licenses will be noted on your file, while new members will be required to download and complete a License Application Form (PDF format) from the ProKart Challenge website, returning it to SKUSA via fax or e-mail (scanned copy). At that time, SKUSA officials will research the performance notes and will make their decision on approval.

For more information regarding the ProKart Challenge schedules, the 2010 class structure or the new licensing program, please check out the website at or contact the SKUSA head office via email at

I know most of this talks about Prokart Challenge but mainly is SKUSA rules which we use locally and regionally. So that's my $.02 contribution to the board today. All cussing and discussing welcome from the shifter guys, or anybody. :D

brian allen
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Re: SKUSA rustling the bushes a bit.....

Post by brian allen » Thu Dec 03, 2009 6:50 pm

I want to run S1 so i can take some lead off my kart.
but not happy about detuning my motor.

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