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David Herbeck
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Post by David Herbeck » Mon Nov 23, 2009 6:19 pm

I'm new as you know by now. I just got this kart 2 race days ago. I assume I should do a rebuild it in the off season. I'm pretty good with my tools but have never done this rebuild before. What all needs replace and done? What cost can I expect with me doing the labor? Are there any good manuals to be had? What pitfalls should I watch for? Oh! It's a stock cr 125 shifter.

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Brad Johnson
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Re: Rebuild

Post by Brad Johnson » Mon Nov 23, 2009 8:23 pm


HI again. Just a top end should run you somewhere around $100. I'm not real sure about a complete rebuild. What you should change depends on the history of the engine. Was the engine fresh when you got it or have some use already? If you don't know the story behind it it might be a good idea to do a complete rebuild. Gearbox parts shouldn't be a problem, you might be inclined to change the clutch basket if it shows any wear where the plates engage it. Friction discs, and floaters usually wear pretty good and last a long time. I don't have any experience with cranks as I don't have the tools. I believe most builders would start with a new one. As you might have noticed most everybody has sent theirs to SRS. Oscar's is a Swedetech product. Mine was worked on by Alex from Pitstop/Kart Nation but that was two years ago now, but it hasn't been to any major builder.

Top end is pretty easy, basically swapping parts in a stocker. Make sure to use stock thickness base gasket etc. Best to get ahold of the SKUSA rule book and check it out, since most places follow SKUSA, except SWRA if you want to roadrace. But rumors are that they are going to align a bit closer so it will be easier to crossover.

If you go to and search out Sonny Van Hook he has a really good guide to the stock moto. Also, is a good resource as John Denman was a real proponent of the stock moto format when it was first beginning. I know if Oscar checks in here he can give you lots of info, he's a good guy and knows a lot of good stuff. Good luck.

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* went and found Sonny's guide, here it is

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