Just bought a margey tna 125 yz shifter! Soo many questions!

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Donny Gingrich
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Just bought a margey tna 125 yz shifter! Soo many questions!

Post by Donny Gingrich » Mon May 08, 2017 1:11 pm

Hi I'm Donny :) Just bought a 1994 margay tnr tk-425 with a yz 125 engine. The kart runs good. Fresh top end. Seems really solid other than the tires! I need new ones asap! I think the price was right at $1000.
Question 1 would this kart be allowed on the track?
2 Would this kart be allowed to race on this track?
3 Before I buy tires. What tires are allowed and/or recommened my current tire sizes are 10x5-5 and 11x5-6
4 what safety gear is required?

Jean Michel Gaston
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Re: Just bought a margey tna 125 yz shifter! Soo many questi

Post by Jean Michel Gaston » Fri Jun 09, 2017 8:03 am

Hi, welcome to the club.
I can't answer the question about your kart being legal, given it is so old, but specifically on safety items I'm sure you will need to update some of the arts, including at a minimum a rear bumper.
My suggestion is to bring your kart out to one of the local shops (DAMZ, 3G or RPM and seek some advice from the experts) You can get the contact information for all 3 shops on the main GCKI website.

for practice you can use any brand or type of tires you wish, but for racing you will need to race Evinco Red tires (also known as MG White)
As for safety gear, you will need: (please read the rule book for the certifications needed on all of these, especially the helmet, suit and next protector)
* a karting specific race suit
* full face helmet with the proper SNELL, DOT or karting specific certification (don't buy used, or cheap helmets, not worth it).
* rib protector (you will crack your ribs in a shifter if you don't use a rib protector)
* gloves and proper shoes (racing shoes are not mandatory, but they give you better feel than tennis shoes or boots), wrestling shoes are a cheap alternative
* a neck brace or approved neck roll. You will not be allowed to race without one.

I'm sure there is a ton more information buried in the message boards, surf them all.

good luck.

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