Help requested for some maiden kid kart laps

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Niels Bouwhuis
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Help requested for some maiden kid kart laps

Post by Niels Bouwhuis » Sun Jan 03, 2021 5:36 pm

Hello everyone.

I’m placing this post as father of Felix and as a go-karting enthusiast.

Felix turns 5 on March 1 and has been looking forward to this moment as he will then be old enough for go-karting.
We have been to the GCKI track several times to watch others. Also were there today to see some kids practicing.
I raced go-karts in Europe as a kid, so I've probably injected him with the go-karting enthusiasm :D

Now my question is:
How could I arrange for an opportunity for Felix to try out a kid kart when he has turned 5, sit in a kart when the engine is running and drive a few laps around the track. He has never driven a kart so I don’t know if the enthusiasm is still there (or even grows) when he actually gets to push the throttle and hears the engine sound or if the enthusiasm dampens.

If he really enjoys it I'm planning to buy the kid kart and equipment so he can get started.

Would there be anyone willing to provide the opportunity for Felix to get his real maiden experience with go-karting?

Thanks so much in advance for any help.

Best wishes,

Niels Bouwhuis

Matt Blehm
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Re: Help requested for some maiden kid kart laps

Post by Matt Blehm » Fri Jan 08, 2021 1:06 pm

HI Niels,

At GCKI, he can actually start racing now. As long as he turns 5 before the end of this year, he is OK.
Now.. is he mentally and physically ready? all kids are different there!

That said, I'm happy to let him try my son's kart for a few laps and see if his blood pumps faster. usually the first time, they are scared witless and barely move more than walking speed, but that's part of the game. Usually I will dial the throttle back so they can't go very fast and let them make a few laps by themselves so there's lower risk.

As long as he can physically reach the pedals and wheel and has the emotional maturity to listen to basic instructions (again, every kid is different at this age!), then he should be fine.

Let him try it out and if he likes it, get him in a kart now and let him practice a while before he shows up to a first race. Lap times for the fast kids are in the 55-58 second range depending on weather, but obviously don't expect to see that most of his first season. once he's under about 1:15, can safely maintain his line on track, and follow safety instructions/flags, then letting him race with the others is the best way for him to build speed an confidence.

I rarely check this forum due to low traffic, so please give me a shout on my mobile. we can set something up on a practice day or something convenient for both.
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