Getting started with an 8 year old

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Daniel Antonio
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Getting started with an 8 year old

Post by Daniel Antonio » Wed Oct 21, 2020 6:54 am

I have an 8 year old who is interested in karting. From what I have learned kid kart class ends at 8 so if we got a kid kart he would age out of the class within the first year. Would it be a better decision to start him with a cadet kart that we will get more use out of long term or is there an advantage for him to start learning on the kid kart before moving into cadet?

Also, if anyone has a used kart they are looking to sell please DM me.


Mark Chandler
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Re: Getting started with an 8 year old

Post by Mark Chandler » Mon Nov 02, 2020 9:47 am

Hi Daniel,

My son is 7 and is turning 8 next April. The kid kart experience has been good and I think its a great and economical way to get started. The engine is sealed so the price of maintenance is low (no rebuilds) and you don't burn through tires and fuel as quickly. Instead of buying tires, you can buy tools, parts (sprockets!!!), etc and learn the mechanical/tuning side.

I don't know what type of karting your son has done, but with my son, he did not fit any height/weight requirements for rental tracks, so the first time he drove a kart was when we bought his. So from a safety standpoint, If he has no experience driving anything close to 40mph with other kids, then maybe the kid kart is a better choice to learn lines, safe passing, etc.

I don't know how fussy they would be about how old he will be by what date, so you may want to take that up with Paul, the prez. There is something about that written in the rules somewhere.

Most of the kid kart families are pretty cool and would be willing to chat if you introduced yourself. There is one more race for the remainder of the year. There are probably still a few karts around Houston/Dallas since a number of the kids have moved up. Best is to just start asking in person as this forum is not very active. Maybe ask some of the cadet parents if they kid karted and for how long and if they thought it was worth it.

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