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Bob Simmons
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Getting Started in Kid Kart

Post by Bob Simmons » Wed Apr 06, 2016 7:33 am

I am in search of some good used safety equipment for my 5 year old: suit, gloves and shoes. Will need to be the smallest size available.

Also, any advice on the best approach to take with him to get him comfortable in the kart and learning how to navigate the track would be much appreciated.


Jared Johnson
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Re: Getting Started in Kid Kart

Post by Jared Johnson » Tue May 10, 2016 1:46 pm

With the caveat that I've had a kid kart for all of 3 months, here's what I'm doing, and my kid can't stop talking about how much she loves her go kart.
My 4 year old has been hooning Power Wheels for a good while before we got the kart; that helps with the overall driving, but obviously it doesn't have brakes.
Before we ever started the thing I had her sit in the kart, on the stand and go over gas pedal, brake pedal, and all the hand signals I'd use. Then I started the motor with her in it to make sure she doesn't freak out from the noise. I do all the signals and pedals before every practice run. Show them how to get in and out first too, with and without full gear.
Her first drive was down the street in a straight line. I'd get 10-15 yards in front her and point to go and hands up to stop. We'd go/stop/go/stop for 10 minutes or so. Did that a few times then took some cones out to the high school parking lot and made a circle track. Same thing, walk out, point, stop, repeat. She got comfortable enough soon that i could just stand in the middle and watch. She still stops before every turn.

First day on the track we were the only ones there, which is of course ideal. We walked a lap showing her the way around, the repeated the same process of me walking in front. I'd recommend a bike for you on this step. After a few laps she said she'd go alone so I just ran around the infield. By the end of an hour (with a couple of water breaks) she made one whole lap without stopping. I deemed that a successful first outing.
Be patient and careful; they tire out fast. Toward the end she drove off into the grass in the hairpin. That told me we'd been at it too long. The line isn't so important yet, they just need to get around the circuit in one piece. Of course you have to avoid Little League Dad Syndrome at all times. Yelling or berating about a missed turn or off line driving or the like is terrible for their confidence and enjoyment. We have a year still before she's old enough to race, so I'm not in any hurry to craft the next Senna. Yet.

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