Tire Removal/Installation

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Patrick Cox
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Tire Removal/Installation

Post by Patrick Cox » Mon Jan 20, 2014 9:53 pm

Evening All,

I am new to karting and recently purchased a TaG kart. I have been out to the track a couple times and I came to the point where I need new tires. Went to 3G and picked up some new MG's and came home to install them. Watched a couple of youtube video's that made it look fairly simple LOL.

Used my little 5 ton press to break the beads. The fronts were quite simple to remove and install but the rears are giving me (to say the least) a problem in removing :evil: .

Anyone have any tips or suggestions?

Also I have seen the different tools for this but I was trying not to spend anymore money (I know :lol: )
If a tool is recommend which one is preferred and from where ?

Thanks For the Help !!


Jean Michel Gaston
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Re: Tire Removal/Installation

Post by Jean Michel Gaston » Thu Jan 23, 2014 6:41 pm

Yes, tire changing... What a pain. First thing I would recommend, if you are buying from 3G, bring your used tires on the wheels, and 3G will mount the new ones for free. They only charge on race days at the track.

Second, if you are dead set on mounting by hand:
1 - heat is your friend: the warmer the tire, the easier the job. Leave the tires out in the sun for a while, it will help.
2 - You will need a beed braker, RLV makes a decent cheap one. I have one you can borrow on race days if you wish.
3 - practice makes perfect. The you tube videos make it look easy, but it takes time to figure out the right technique.

When you are ready to save your strength and knuckles, the Turbo Tire Changer tool is the best tool you will ever buy. http://turbotirechanger.com/turbotire-changer.html. You can get it through most kart shops.

Good luck.

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