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Practice* 9:30am - 11:30am Spectators are welcome. There is a $5 fee for anyone over 5 years of age, and a wristband must be obtained in the club house.

*Practice time at race directors discretion.
Driver's Meeting 12:00 Noon
Qualifying All classes
Pre-Final All classes
Final All classes
And in other news

kart_1aGulf Coast Karters welcomes and encourages members and non-members to volunteer to help run our kart racing events.  You don't have to race to be involved in kart racing at Gulf Coast Karters.  You can be a Corner Worker, Grid Marshall or work the Concessions Stand on race day and get paid for your service to GCKI.  You don't have to be a member to serve as a race worker. Come and join in the action! Sign up to work in the Worker Forum Thread.


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Spring 5 Driver Roster - 3/29/15

Santiago Robles TaG Cadet
casey ross Sr Shifter
Blair Hosie S5 Junior
Michael D Rhodes Jr LO206 Senior
Scott boone TaG Senior
Anthony Pellerin Kid Kart
Cody Jolly Sr Shifter
Jordon Musser Sr Shifter
Ryan Rush TaG Senior
Brady Ross Sr Shifter
James Garvin TaG Senior
David Holland Sr Shifter
Dave Pauly TaG Master
Dylan Schlegel Rotax Mini Max
Michelle Watts Ladies Chonda LO206
Noah Baker Rotax MicroMax
Nicholas pellerin Kid Kart
Travis Wiley TaG Cadet
chucky Beare Rotax Junior
Kaden Lytle Chonda Cadet
Garrett Ramirez Sr Shifter
Broch Evans S5 Junior
Enzo Scionti TaG Cadet
Dylan Hajicek TaG Cadet
Billy Auffenberg Sr Shifter
jeffrey collins Rotax Junior
Bubbie Rhodes Kid Kart
Rod Clinard Sr Shifter
Erin Sims Sr Shifter
blaze ross LO206 Junior
Lauren Ladies Chonda LO206
Justin Upchurch S4 Master
shawn ross LO206 Senior
Weston Ross TaG Cadet
Taylor Ross Rotax Junior
Miguel Garcia TaG Senior
Kaden Trotter Kid Kart
Bill Choice LO206 Senior
Danny Cara Chonda Cadet
Richard Mortensen LO206 Senior
Alexander Ramirez Kid Kart
Chris Watts LO206 Senior
Connor Watts Rotax Junior
Lucas Gonzalez TaG Cadet
Erich Polack TaG Master
Marcus Rodriguez TaG Cadet
Bryan Joplin TaG Master
Michael DHerde Rotax Junior
Julian Marcer Kid Kart
jason wood Kid Kart
Alexis costa S4 Master
Brandin Warwas Rotax Mini Max
Cade McKee Rotax Mini Max
BJ Hodge LO206 Senior
Davis Cunningham Kid Kart
Rita Coziar Ladies Chonda LO206
Barry Peel LO206 Senior
Andrew Kleinheinz TaG Senior
Jure Gaspar Rotax Senior
maxwell waithman Rotax Mini Max
Andretta Young Sr Shifter
Jacob Kittleson Kid Kart
todd archer S4 Master
Paul Jones TaG Senior
Destin Shields TaG Cadet
Robert Schneider LO206 Senior
Steven Hanson LO206 Senior
Stacey Lewis LO206 Senior
Patrick Roth S4 Master
Ken Snider TaG Master
Ric Baribeault TaG Master
Brett Mitchell Rotax Senior
Ted Dziedzic LO206 Senior
Linda Hosie Ladies Chonda LO206
Blair Hosie Rotax Junior
Justin Kreiter Chonda Senior
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GCKI Track Weather

Katy, TX, United States

63°F, Windchill: 63°F
Wind: 3 mph E
Humidity: 100%
Visibility: 0 mi
pressure: 30.18 in rising
Sunrise: 7:14 am
Sunset: 7:38 pm
Partly Cloudy
Hi: 82°F, Low: 62°F
Mostly Cloudy
Hi: 82°F, Low: 64°F
Hi: 81°F, Low: 65°F
AM Thunderstorms
Hi: 85°F, Low: 68°F

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2014 GCKI Class Champions

  • Spring 2014
  • Fall 2014
  • Fast Times
  • Chonda - Logan Borsos
  • Chonda Cadet - Clayton Whatley
  • Rotax Mini Max - Brandin Warwas
  • TAG Junior - Brett Mitchell
  • TAG Senior - Ric Baribeault
  • TAG Masters - Bill Choice
  • S2 Semi Pro Shifter - Jim Garvin
  • S3 Stock Shifter - Kyle Books
  • S4 Stock Shifter Mstr - Mark Reid
  • S5 Stock Shifter Jr - Max Hewitt
  • Kid Kart - Davis Cunningham
  • Kid Kart - Marcus Rodriguez
  • Kid Kart - Caden Trotter
  • Kid Kart - Alexander Ramirez
  • Kid Kart - Kameron Griner
  • Kid Kart - Brendan Workman
  • Kid Kart - Miles Hewitt
  • Chonda Cadet - Clayton Whatley
  • Chonda Senior - Logan Borsos
  • Rotax Micro Max - Branyon Tiner
  • Rotax Mini Max - Maxwell Waithman
  • Junior Max - Brett Mitchell
  • Senior Max - Connor Beique
  • TAG Cadet - Cade McKee
  • TAG Junior - Brett Mitchell
  • TAG Senior - Ric Baribeault
  • TAG Masters - Bryan Joplin
  • S2 - Semi Pro Stk Moto - Billy Auffenberg
  • S3 Stock Shifter - Cordell Secrest
  • S4 Stock Shifter Mstr - Patrick Roth
  • S5 Stock Shifter Jr - Andretta Young
  • 125cc Open Shifter - Alexis Costa
  • Kid Kart - Davis Cunningham
  • Kid Kart - Kaden Trotter
  • Kid Kart - Hugo Bonjour
  • Kid Kart - Rebecca Bonjour
  • Kid Kart - Marcus Rodriguez
  • Kid Kart - Alexander Ramirez
  • Kid Kart - Jacob Kittleson
Class Name Time
Kid Kart Kaden Trotter 53.578
Chonda Senior Robert Schneider 48.109
Chonda Cadet Clayton Whatley 47.295
Rotax Micro Dylan Hajicek 46.215
TAG Cadet Cade McKee 44.092
Rotax Master David Pergande 43.664
TAG Jr Brett Mitchell 40.004
Rotax Mini Maxwell Waithman 43.634
Rotax Intl Pierre-Paul Baradat 41.405
Rotax Jr  Max Hewitt 41.389
Rotax DD2 David Hajicek 42.755
TAG Senior Garrett Boone 40.281
TAG Master Bryan Joplin 41.436
G1 125 Mstr Jerry Rhodes 39.081
S1 125 Sr Garrett Boone 38.720
S3 Stock Moto Rupert Laslett 41.088
S5 125 Jr Andretta Young 39.034
S4 125 Mstr Mark Reid 39.074
S2 125 Stock Sr Billy Auffenberg 38..573

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